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Dave's Art
What Is Art?


Description:  This article will give you some background information about art.

     This is a very common question that people ask me.  Some people may think art is just a painting or drawing.  But there is much more to it then that.  A real artist sees beyond the paint on canvas or pencil on paper.  How do you feel when you look at a painting or drawing?  If you are not a true artist, you would just see colors on a paper.  Like I said, real artists see beyond the painting.  They observe the artwork and find its true meaning.  There's a story behind all art.  If you look and see beyond the picture, you are a true artist.  It doesn't matter if you can't draw or paint; you have an artist's eye.  And that itself proves that you are a true artist.
     Art is used to express feelings.  It can represent the feelings of the people of that time or of the artist at that moment.  To change the mood of the painting or drawing, the artist uses different colors.  If the artist were in a bad mood, they would tend to use darker colors and values.  If the artist was in a good mood, they would tend to use lighter colors and values.  It is easy to tell how the artist was feeling when you look at a painting or drawing.  Art is a very expressive hobby.

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