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Dave's Art
Working From Life


We are currently working on this lesson.
Description:  This lesson is designed to show you how to take what you see and put it in your artwork.

"Working From Life"
Working From Life

     Working from life is a good skill to know about.  Suppose you were walking in a park and you saw an amazing lanscape.  If you're like me, you would want to draw or paint that landscape.  The problem is that you have always done your artwork from your head and don't know how to take what you see and incorporate it into your work.  This lesson will give you the basics of what you need to know to "work from life".
     The first thing to do is to get a model to work from.  In this example, I used a dog on a pillow.  To start, make a very rough sketch of your model.  You just want to get a basic idea of the shapes, lines and how you want it to look.  Don't put many details; just enough to see how it's going to work.  Once you have your sketch done, decide which features from your sketch that you want to put into the final.

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